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General questions

There are two main types of service that we provide:

1. Private transfers between Hua Hin and Bangkok City (inlcluding Don Mueang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok).

2. Private individual day tours around Hua Hin (including Cha Am, Sam Roi Yot, Kaeng Krachan National Park)

All bookings and reservations we accept through our website only. For transfers from/to Hua Hin please use reservation form here and if you want to book day tour please use this page.

Once your booking request sent successfully, you will receive automatic reply from us confirming that your details received.

Important. Please note, that you if you avoid using our Reservation Form for placing your booking request and prefer to send booking details by email or phone call – then we can’t guarantee accuracy of your booking details recorded into our booking system. However, if you insist on reservation process via email, please provide precise details like date and time. Please don’t use words like “Saturday” or “afternoon” “from same location” when making booking. Instead please provide precise information, for example 12:00 on 1st January from Hilton Hua Hin Hotel etc.

We do not accept booking requests by phone. All reservations are processing strictly online only. Once your booking request is confirmed, we will provide you our contact phone number for urgent contacts.
No, there is no advanced payment required.
Only our customer’s reviews can speak for our reputation. Please check our Facebook page for 100% real reviews from our customers. Also, you can find a lot of feedback on our service on Trip Advisor and Google.
You do not need to inquire about it as we always have cars available if you book at least 24 hours prior to your travelling.

Only same day bookings are subject to availability.

During Christmas, New Year and Songkran we do not accept same day bookings.

Yes, it is. You choose where we need to pick you up and where to drop you. It can be hotel, restaurant, shop, office, private house – anything that has an address and can be located on the map. The only condition we have, please make sure that there is parking space available at your pick up location where driver can wait for you. If you book transfer from airport then driver will meet you inside airport building and take you to the car afterwards.
The standard rates for the transfers between Bangkok and Hua Hin are available on our website main page here or you can determine exact rate for your trip through reservation form.

The rates for day tours are also available at the main page at the Tours section or you can determine them through Day Tour booking form.

All our rates are per car.
No, these are all inclusive rates (gasoline, toll and parking fees) – everything is included in transportation costs.

Please be advised that we charge additional 200 baht fee for all the trips during Songkran (Thai New Year) and 400 baht during Chirstmas/New Year holidays (from 20th Dec to 7th Dec).

Also there are extra charges apply if you request baby/child car seat (+200 baht fee) or when you traveling to remote locations where extra fees are applicable (Don Mueang, Pranburi, Sam Roi Yot etc.)

However, you will be notified about any extra charges before we confirm your booking request.

You pay in cash directly to your driver on thee traveling date, upon arrival at your destination. We accept payments in Thai Baht only.

Payment with credit card is also available, but in this case of credit card payment it has to be done in full at least one day prior to your trip and there is additional 2.9% surcharge. Please let us know if payment by credit card is required and we will send you payment weblink.

Yes, we do. Our drivers work 24/7. We have special group of drivers who have rest during day time and drive all night. There are no extra fees for late hour service.
There are four types of vehicles that we use. You are welcome to check “Our Vehicles” page for more information.
Almost all our cars are 0-3 years old. All our vehicles are clean and tidy and non-smoking.
No, unfortunately we don’t. You can find someone to share the costs for the transfer by yourself and we will be ok with it.
Yes, we have baby or child car seats for any age. We charge extra 200 baht per rented seat.
There are few possible issues that could happen:

  1. The most common issue is that you probably made a mistake in your email address and we were unable to contact you. Usually in such situations we are trying to get in touch with you with sms sent to phone number indicated in your booking form.
  2. Your booking request has never been sent because you did not fill all required information in the form. If your booking request is sent successfully then you will get a message on the screen about it and instantly get an email from us into your mailbox confirming that your booking request received by our Reservation Team.
  3. Please check your spam folder as there is small probability that our email is there.

We NEVER leave your requests without reply. Even if we can’t help, we will contact you back and let you know that we are unable to proceed with your request. If you did not get any response from us within 12 hours and you are sure that three possible issues described above is not a case, then please try to contact us again through Contact Form that you can find in the bottom of every page.

Also, please keep in mind our Reservation Team’s business hours (please see it in the bottom of the page). All booking requests sent after business hours will be replied early in the morning.

Since there is no secure deposits involved, you are free to cancel at any time you wish. We just would like to ask you to inform us as soon as possible if you decide to cancel your reservation or change your travelling date or time. Thank you in advance for this.

Private Transfers

Basically we can arrange your transportation from Bangkok or Hua Hin to any other location in Thailand. Just let us know where you want to go and we give you a quote.
It is completely up to you. The only thing we have to mention is that there is 100% guarantee that there will be car available for your trip only if you have made your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your pick up time (especially during public holidays).
We will provide you a car that you picked in your reservation form.

Sometimes if we have such opportunity we do free upgrade to our customers. For example, if you order Camry, we can provide brand new Fortuner that normally cost 500 baht more (for free of charge).

Sedan car Toyota Camry can comfortably accommodate family maximum of 4 members travelling with 3-4 bags. If you have more luggage or stroller on top of your 4 bags then we would insist to upgrade to a bigger size vehicle.

Also, if you are family of 4 and require child car seat to be installed then we would recommend to pick Innova or Fortuner for these purposes.

4 adult passengers can also be accommodated with Camry but please make sure that you have not more than 4 medium (airplane cabin size) suitcases with you. Otherwise we would recommend to choose more spacious vehicle.

If you are 4 adults but require more comfort and space for legs then Innova or Fortuner is the best choice for you.

If there are passengers and one of them is a small baby who does not require separate seat then you can be accommodated by Innova or Fortuner.

There is 3rd row of seats (foldable) in Innova and Fortuner but they can be occupied only by passengers who travelling without luggage (1-2 backpacks maximum). Innova and Fortuner CAN NOT accommodate 6 passengers who travel with suitcase as there will be no space in the rear if you use 3rd row of seats.

For the groups of 6-8 passengers the only option is van Toyota Commuter. But please be informed that Commuter have space only for 8 suitcases. If you have more luggage then you should sacrifice with number of passengers or book one more additional vehicle.

10 passengers for Commuter is allowed only if at least 2 of them are small kids (toddlers) sitting in laps and total number of luggage does not exceed 8 suitcases.

If there are more than 10 passengers for the trip then you should consider booking at least two vehicles for your transfer or tour.

Unfortunately, not. You should consider to book at least two vehicles for your trip.
We do have discounted rates but only for the same day return trips.
Not at all. We can pick you up and drop at any place you wish. It can be hotel, condominium, private house, shop, restaurant or any other place that can be located on the map.

Only meeting point at airport has it’s fixed location. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be provided with full instructions about how to meet with the driver at the airport.

If you booking your transfer from airport, you will be provided full instructions about how to meet with your driver. He will be waiting for you at the specified location holding the sign with your name on it. All you will need to do is just to proceed to this location and look for your name on the board.

If you are travelling from the hotel or condominium then our driver will meet you at the lobby. When driver arrives he will contact your hotel’s reception desk and local staff can assist you to meet him.

If you are staying at the villa inside gated compound, please make sure to provide us with your villa/house number and our driver will meet you in front of your house.

The average length of the trip between Bangkok and Hua Hin is 2 hours 45 minutes. It can take some extra time (30-60 min) if you travel in the evening during traffic peak hours (5-7 pm). Also it can be busy on the highway on Friday’s and Sunday’s evening.

Please be informed that during long public holidays (Songkran or New Year) the travelling time between Bangkok and Hua Hin can take extra 2-3 hours. If you are travelling from Hua Hin to Airport on these days please choose pick up time accordingly or ask our advice.

Usually we recommend to leave Hua Hin at least 5.5 hours prior to your flight departure. On Sunday’s evening or public holiday it will take slightly longer to reach airport, so please make sure to add another 30-60 min to your travelling time.

If you are travelling to airport on Songkran or New Year please make sure to add additional 2 hours for your trip.

Take your time, this is not an issue. Driver will wait for you as long as it needed.
Yes, sure. But if you are planning to have a lunch or some rest upon arrival, please let us know about your plans when you make your reservation and we will instruct our driver accordingly.
Usually our drivers are monitoring flight details online and we always know if your flight is delayed. But if you have an opportunity to report to us by email about changing in your arrival time, we will be thankful for this.

Please make sure to inform us in case your flight is cancelled or your flight number is changed.

No problem at all. We have group of drivers who work only at night and we can pick you up at the airport at any time.
Sure, we can pick you up directly from the hotel. In the reservation form please choose Bangkok City as your pick up location and provide your hotel name near the airport.
Yes, it can be arranged. We charge extra 300 baht per stop on the way for sightseeing/shopping/dining (including waiting time up to 2 hours per stop). Please make sure to inform us in advance about your intentions and we will instruct your driver accordingly.

Stopovers at attractions that are located not on the main route or in Central Bangkok area may incur additional costs.

Please book your transfer here and mention attractions that you would like to visit in the end of the booking form (at Special Request section).

You can take a look on our tour’s packages and choose any place from the Cha Am or Petchaburi list. All those places are located on the way and it is very convenient to visit any of them if you are travelling between Bangkok and Hua Hin. Also there few other places that are popular among our customers – you can google for Maeklong Train Market, Amphawa or Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets.

We charge extra 300 baht per such stop for sightseeing (including waiting time up to 2 hours per stop).

Yes, but only if your dog or cat is locked inside travel crate or bag.

Individual Tours

These are individual tours where you are free to choose by yourself where you want to go and what places to visit.
No, these are non-guided tours. Basically we provide only transportation service for you according to your itinerary.
We arrange tours from both Bangkok and Hua Hin (including neighbour towns).

Tour from Bangkok means that we pick you up in Bangkok and return you back to Bangkok in the end of the day (in 10 hours). Tour from Hua Hin means that you start trip from Hua Hin and come back to Hua Hin after the tour. If you want to visit some place for sightseeing on the way from Bangkok to Hua Hin or from Hua Hin to Bangkok then please use standard transfer reservation form and mention list of the places that you would like to visit at the special request section (we charge extra 300 baht per visited place).

10 hours starting from the time when we picked you up. You can finish your trip earlier but we will still charge for 10 hours. You can extend your tour for a maximum of 2 additional hours. In this case however, we will charge 300 baht for every additional hour.
Only transportation service (car, driver, petrol and parking fees).
Yes, you can check our Day Tours Page here and choose anything you like.
In some cases, you may not have enough time to visit all the places on your list in a single trip. So you will have to decide which places are of highest priority for you and how much time you should spend at each place.
Sure, please send us your itinerary and we will give you a quote.
Please proceed to tours booking form here.
We need to know your itinerary first before we can quote you. Sample rates for our standard itineraries you can check here.